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Whether you’re looking for a new house, selling the one you have, or you just enjoy looking at houses and researching Fayette County’s 110,000 properties, this web site is a great free source of information that we are certain you will visit time and time again.

January 1 is an important date in property valuation. The PVA office determines the fair cash value of your property which, in part, determines the amount of property tax you owe based on the condition of the property on January 1. Eligibility for the Homestead and other exemptions is also based on ownership, residency and use as of January 1.

Now is the time to request a review of your property for the 2015 tax year if you believe the current assessment is not fair or equitable. Please fill out this online form to begin the process now or you may wait and see if you receive an assessment notice. Our office will mail assessment notices in April to owners whose assessments changed from the prior year. You do not have to receive an assessment notice in order to discuss or question the assessed value of your property, but you must start the conversation while changes can still be made to the value. To learn more, visit the Assessments and Appeals page.

If you are 65 years of age or older, or if you are receiving disability payments, you may qualify for Kentucky’s Homestead Exemption. Find more information about the Homestead Exemption including a downloadable application by visiting the Homestead Exemption page of our web site.

We invite you to explore our website, examine your property record and check the accuracy of the characteristics we have on file. If any of this information is incorrect, you may call our office and speak with an assessor who will make any necessary changes or email us to correct the information we have. As always, our goal is to be fair and equitable with our assessment process. 

We hope this information has been helpful to you and if you have any questions about your assessment or the Homestead Exemption, feel free to call us here at the PVA office.

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January 13 - January 19, 2015 Residential Sales

Posted by phrabak on January 23, 2015


Access report in PDF format by clicking here.

704 Euclid Avenue - Campus Kroger

Posted by phrabak on January 22, 2015

Campus Kroger

The much-anticipated and unique Kroger opens today on Euclid Avenue, serving campus and downtown neighborhoods. It is considered a model for future Kroger stores to be located on urbanized sites.

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306 North Ashland - The Breakout Games

Posted by phrabak on January 20, 2015


A novel entertainment option has quietly opened in Lexington's growing National Avenue corridor. The Breakout Games involve using teamwork and brainpower to solve clock-beating puzzles.

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January 06 - January 12, 2015 Residential Sales

Posted by phrabak on January 16, 2015


Access report in PDF format by clicking here.

The number of Fayette County home sales that closed in December 2014 increased 30% over December 2013 resulting in the best December performance since 2007, prior to the recession which most experts believe began in the third quarter of 2008.

Read the full media advisory, with further details and graphic, in PDF format.

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